Inspiring Excellence through Arts Education
"Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music!" --Ronald Reagan

group study

If you have ever played in band or sung in a choir you understand the power of playing music together.  Group lessons are a way to relieve stress sometimes associated with private lessons and often promotes a better connection to the music, fostering stronger musicality. 

Musical Theater Voice Class

Confidence begins to soar as she learns to hold her own in a room full of talent. This class teaches the young vocalist how to sing in small ensembles as well as how to present herself at an audition.  Sign up early because this class fills up very fast!

Be Creative – We’re Listening

We understand that everyone learns at their own pace in their own way.  Should you decide your young artist might work better taking guitar lessons with his best friend, we’re open to suggestions. Many artists work better with semi-private lessons for a period of time. Anything we can do to keep fostering that love for learning. Sometimes we just need to get creative!

Not sure?  We’re here to help!

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