Inspiring Excellence through Arts Education
"Dance becomes a part of who you are! It makes you stronger, more sensitive, balanced and whole.”


Time for You

You may have danced as a young girl and remember that feeling after a great dance class; muscles are fluid and flexible, brain alert yet relaxed – free from worries.  It doesn’t have to be a distant memory. We have helped many women find their way into class.

Find Your “Fit”

You may get your best workout in an adult jazz class or you might find “fit” in a yoga or drama class. This fall we will be introducing several new classes that are sure help to brighten your mind, heal your body and feed your soul! 

Make it a Date

We believe every marriage is better with Ballroom.  It should actually be a requirement that all couples take a ballroom class at least once per year. Look for our ballroom sessions to spice up your life.  If you don’t have a date to bring, not to worry.


Fun to be Among Friends

Bring your friends or make new connections.  Our classes foster a friendship bond as everyone encourages each other to meet the challenges of the class.

You’ll Fit Right In

You cherish creativity, beauty, and grace.  You aren’t afraid of a little hard work and to dance is far more rewarding than a treadmill. Are we right?  Join our SAA family!  We’re confident that you’ll fit right in!

“I thought I would never get my dancer’s legs back, but this year in ballet class my body is responding beautifully to the workout I get at SAA.  Plus it’s fun! I adore my instructor and my dance friends  —they keep me committed to coming week after week. Thanks for the encouragement.”

~Sandra L.

Come try an Introductory Class!

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