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If you do not see a class and time which would fit your needs, please let us know. We build classes based on need, and it only takes 5 students to create a class.
To schedule PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS, please call SAA at 678-482-6333 to schedule a consultation. Students will register for ADULT CLASSES in person at the studio  by purchasing a class card.


To view only the classes related to your student’s age/grade level, choose one of the levels below to view just those classes.


class nameday of weekstart dateend datestart timeend timeInstructor 
Aerial Silks Workshop: "Tails" (7th grade & up) FridaysJan. 19, 2018Mar. 16, 2018
(no class Feb. 9)
5:30 PM6:30 PMGina Hermansen
Aerial Silks Workshop: "Tails" (3rd grade & up)FridaysJan. 19, 2018Mar. 16, 2018
(no class Feb. 9)
6:30 PM7:30 PMGina Hermansen

2017-2018 SAA Master Schedule

levelprogramclass nameday of weekstart timeclass length end timeInstructor 
adultdanceBallet ISaturday9:30 AM6010:30 AMCathy Wolfepurchase class card in studio
adultdanceBallet IISaturday10:30 AM9012:00 PMCathy Wolfepurchase class card in studio
adultdanceIntro to BalletSaturday9:00 AM309:30 AMCathy Wolfeby appointment only
baroquedramaDrama ITuesday4:30 PM605:30 PMPatty Etherton
baroquedanceBallet ISaturday12:30 PM601:30 PMMiranda Fox
baroquedanceBallet IMonday6:00 PM607:00 PMMiranda Fox
baroquedanceBallet 1stThursday5:00 PM606:00 PMMiranda Fox
baroquedanceTheater Dance IWednesday5:00 PM606:00 PMTerri Miller
baroquedanceJazz ITuesday6:30 PM607:30 PMAutumn Pennington
baroquedanceBallet II/IIIThursday5:00 PM606:00 PMBernie Bock Davis
baroquedramaDrama Thursday4:30 PM605:30 PMBecca Martell
classicaldanceContemporary IIWednesday6:30 PM607:30 PMPatrice Calton
classicaldanceTap Wednesday7:00 PM608:00 PMMiranda Fox
classicaldramaDrama IIThursday5:30 PM907:00 PMZach Irvin
classicaldanceBallet IVMonday6:00 PM907:30 PMBernie Bock Davis
classicalmusicMusical Theater - VoiceTuesday7:00 PM908:30 PMBecca Martell
classicaldanceJazz II/IIITuesday7:30 PM608:30 PMEmily Vanderkley
classicaldancePre-PointeTuesday5:00 PM305:30 PMBernie Bock Davis
classicaldanceJazz IWednesday6:00 PM607:00 PMTerri Miller
classicaldanceBallet IMonday7:00 PM608:00 PMMiranda Fox
classicaldanceContemporary IThursday7:00 PM608:00 PMJosh Lewis
classicaldancePointeMonday7:30 PM608:30 PMBernie Bock Davis
classicaldramaDrama IMonday7:00 PM908:30 PMZach Irvin
classicaldramaDrama ITuesday5:30 PM907:00 PMPatty Etherton
classicaldanceBallet IIMonday6:00 PM607:00 PMTerri Miller
classicaldanceBallet IIIThursday5:30 PM907:00 PMAutumn Pennington
impressionistdanceBallet IVMonday6:00 PM907:30 PMAddie Linder
impressionistdancePartneringWednesday6:45 PM758:00 PMJosh Lewis
impressionistdramaActing for FilmWednesday5:00 PM606:00 PMZach Irvin
impressionistmusicMusical Theater - VoiceTuesday5:30 PM907:00 PMBecca Martell
impressionistdanceJazz IIITuesday5:30 PM606:30 PMEmily Vanderkley
impressionistdanceTap Tuesday7:30 PM608:30 PMMiranda Fox
impressionistdanceJazz IIMonday5:00 PM606:00 PMTerri Miller
impressionistdanceBoys BalletThursday6:00 PM607:00 PMJosh Lewis
impressionistdanceBallet IMonday8:00 PM609:00 PMTerri Miller
impressionistdanceJazz IMonday7:00 PM608:00 PMTerri Miller
impressionistdramaScript/DirectingWednesday6:00 PM907:30 PMZach Irvin
impressionistdramaAuditionsMonday5:30 PM907:00 PMBecca Martell
impressionistdramaActing Technique IWednesday4:30 PM906:00 PMBecca Martell
impressionistdramaA.I.M. - Theater Tech INTERNWednesday7:30 PM909:00 PMJackie Pace
impressionistdanceContemporary II/IIIWednesday5:00 PM906:30 PMJosh Lewis
impressionistdanceContemporary II/IIIWednesday5:00 PM906:30 PMPatrice Calton
impressionistdanceBallet IIMonday8:00 PM609:00 PMMiranda Fox
impressionistdanceActor's Dance I/IIWednesday7:00 PM608:00 PMTerri Miller
impressionistdancePointeThursday7:00 PM608:00 PMAutumn Pennington
impressionistdramaA.I.M. - Theater Tech ARTISTWednesday7:30 PM909:00 PMJackie Pace
impressionistdramaDrama ITuesday7:00 PM908:30 PMPatty Etherton
impressionistdanceBallet IIITuesday6:30 PM908:00 PMAddie Linder
impressionistdramaDrama IIMonday5:30 PM907:00 PMZach Irvin
impressionistdramaDrama IIThursday7:00 PM908:30 PMZach Irvin
impressionistdramaDrama IIIWednesday6:00 PM907:30 PMBecca Martell
impressionistdramaDrama IIIMonday7:30 PM909:00 PMBecca Martell
impressionistdramaDrama IVThursday5:30 PM907:00 PMBecca Martell
impressionistdramaDrama VThursday7:00 PM908:30 PMBecca Martell
impressionistdanceHip HopWednesday8:00 PM609:00 PMPatrice Calton
renaissancedramaYoung PuppeteerMonday4:30 PM605:30 PMBecca Martell
renaissancedanceBallet K-1stTuesday4:30 PM605:30 PMAddie Linder
renaissancedanceTiny Tutu BalletSaturday9:00 AM309:30 AMMiranda Fox
renaissancedanceTiny Tutu BalletFriday9:30 AM3010:00 AMBernie Bock Davis
renaissancedanceBallet/Tap combo K-1stMonday5:00 PM606:00 PMMiranda Fox
renaissancedanceBallet/Tap combo K-1stSaturday11:30 AM6012:30 PMMiranda Fox
renaissancedanceBallet/Tap combo 4-5 yoSaturday10:30 AM6011:30 AMMiranda Fox
renaissancemusicKindermusik FoundationsFriday11:00 AM6012:00 PMSally Walsh
renaissancemusicKindermusik Level 2Friday10:00 AM6011:00 AMSally Walsh
renaissancemusicKindermusik Our TimeWednesday10:00 AM4510:45 AMChristy Dixon
renaissancemusicKindermusik VillageWednesday9:15 AM4510:00 AMChristy Dixon
renaissancedanceBallet/Tap combo 4-5 yoMonday4:00 PM605:00 PMMiranda Fox
renaissancedanceBallet 3-4 yo Monday3:00 PM604:00 PMMiranda Fox
renaissancedanceBallet 4-5 yo Friday11:00 AM6012:00 PMBernie Bock Davis
renaissancedanceBallet 3-4 yo Saturday9:30 AM6010:30 AMMiranda Fox
renaissancedanceBallet 3-4 yo Friday10:00 AM6011:00 AMBernie Bock Davis
specialdanceCecchetti IIITuesday6:30 PM607:30 PMBernie Bock Davis
specialdanceAerial Silks Workshop: "Tails" (3rd+)Friday6:30 PM607:30 PMGina Hermansen
specialdanceAerial Silks Workshop: "Tails" Friday5:30 PM606:30 PMGina Hermansen
specialdanceCecchetti ITuesday5:30 PM606:30 PMAddie Linder
specialdanceCecchetti IITuesday5:30 PM606:30 PMBernie Bock Davis
specialdanceCecchetti IVThursday6:00 PM607:00 PMMiranda Fox
impressionistdramaDrama IMonday7:00 PM908:30 PMPatty Etherton
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